AspenRoot | Professional Technology Consultaing

Company Overview

AspenRoot is a computer consulting company specializing in a wide variety of information management services. AspenRoot consists of a group of independent consultants, organized similar to a co-op, each bringing our own unique set of skills to the mix. By grouping together, we can share knowledge, provide a support structure for each other, AND form a stronger organization, capable of solving the most complex IT problems.

Our development teams are formed project by project, custom-tailored to the needs of the client. This decentralized structure allows us to eliminate costly overhead and focus directly on a client's requirements, resulting in lower costs and a quicker development cycle for our clients.

It also provides an environment where competent, responsible individuals can thrive, constantly challenged, undertaking more complex projects than we could each do individually. Through our mentoring system, consultants are encouraged to expand their skills by getting involved in areas that interest them, in addition to areas of expertise. Cross training is a wonderful means of reinforcing and enhancing our skill sets and keeping ourselves marketable. It also ensures that someone will be available long-term to support and maintain our clients' systems, even after the original developer is gone.

Through our business practices, we are able to provide on-time, on-budget, quality work to our customers, while still valuing and enhancing the lives of our consultants.

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