AspenRoot | Professional Technology Consultaing

Company Creed

AspenRoot Vision

Assist our customers in achieving their goals through effective use of information resources, while fostering an environment of creativity, flexibility and professional growth to our consultants.

AspenRoot Mission Statement

AspenRoot is an organization of independent consultants, each bringing his OR her own strengths to the mix. Our development teams are formed project by project, custom-tailored to the needs of the client. Our decentralized structure allows us to eliminate costly overhead and focus directly on a client's requirements, resulting in lower costs to the customer.

It also provides an environment where competent, responsible individuals can thrive, constantly challenged, undertaking more complex projects than we could each do individually. Through our mentoring system, consultants are encouraged to expand their skills by getting involved in areas that interest them, in addition to areas of expertise. Cross training is a wonderful means of reinforcing and enhancing our skill sets and keeping ourselves marketable. It also ensures that someone will be available long-term to support and maintain our clients' systems, even after the original developer is gone.

Through our business practices, we are able to provide on-time, on-budget, quality work to our customers, while still valuing and enhancing the lives of our consultants.

AspenRoot Values

It is our belief that an organization should exist for more than the financial enrichment of its key shareholders. We feel it is our responsibility to conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and to pursue things that will make our world a better place.

Our company also exists for the growth and enrichment of its member consultants, on a professional and personal level. Each consultant determines his OR her own availability and rates. Consultants are encouraged to cross-train, learn new skills, and mentor others who are interested in their area.

We believe our consultants should be the ones to benefit most from their hard work. AspenRoot keeps only enough to cover overhead and continue developing and expanding our company, and distributes the majority of income to our consultants, the ones who earned it.

In addition, for every billable hour worked by a consultant, we contribute a percentage of our profits to a non-profit organization of the consultant's choice. Because of our progressive business practices, we have found that we can bill our clients very reasonable rates, reward our consultants and be active and involved in our communities and social goals. For more information on our non-profit activities, view our Outreach page.